… on some dogs never learning


Marshal Dillon Dingle and HRH Princess Blaze; April 15, 2014

Yup, he’s stuck.


This time?

Marshal Dillon Dingle went into panicked ‘find’ mode when he sensed that Self-Proclaimed-Perfect-Child-Gabe dropped/left on purpose (we never know) a piece of popcorn in the sofa.

Unsure of exactly where it was, he began turning over pillows and cushions in order to find said treasure.

When his nose was so far under the cushions he could dive no further, he decided – in only the wisdom that sits in the brain of one Marshal Dillon Dingle – that he would be much more effective if he was, you know…


So he threw himself upside-down and made pig noises as he searched the sofa.

Only the sound of Blaze clearing her throat (well, I assumed that’s what she did – I can’t say for sure because I had leapt to my feet and headed for the kitchen counter where my camera sat)… so I’m assuming it was Blaze arriving and clearing her throat that resulted in this moment captured on film.

My thought? She wanted to tell him it was tax day and he couldn’t keep his whole piece of popcorn for himself even though he did all the work, because a portion of it needed to go to pave roads and stuff.

I can’t really say.

Blaze really doesn’t like Marshal on the sofa. She sort of feels that dogs belong on the floor.


Blaze, making her point with her eyes. Regular dogs should not be allowed on the sofa (or the chairs, or… really anywhere she feels should be hers).

Not princess dogs.

Just regular ones.

Named Marshal Dillon Dingle.

Thanks for readin’.



He’s not sorry. He’s never sorry. He’s Marshal Dillon Dingle, dagnabbit!

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