… on ‘hey, instead of goin’ to school today…’


Oh, ya. It’s goin’ down.

I’m writing this post on Tuesday night. 

It’s 10:08 p.m. as I type.

In exactly six hours and 7 minutes, the Nearly Perfect Husband, First-Born Mac, Number-One-Son Sam, Half-Kid Jack and I will surround the bed of Self-Proclaimed-Perfect Boy (and youngest cherub) Gabe.

And something that he cannot remember happening will happen.

When the kids were little, we were fortunate enough to take several trips to Disney World in Florida.

We would do it the same way every time.

We’d plan the trip during the school year, usually fall or spring.

And we’d leave wicked early in the morning, before sunrise.

So we would sneak into each room, and place a favorite Disney character t-shirt at the foot of their bed.

And then we would quietly say, “Hey Mac and Sam and Gabe…. instead of going to school today…. how about we go to DISNEY WORLD?!”

And in all the commotion, I can’t remember anyone ever saying ‘no’.

Wait. Except once.

When a three-year old Gabe said he’d prefer to go to Target, because he loved the toy section so much.

Mac and Sam spent all the way to the airport convincing him that Disney might be a better destination.


We haven’t been as a family in a really long time, and we were talking about it last year and Gabe said he didn’t really remember anything about those epic wake ups. Which makes sense because he was maybe six or so the last time we went.


Now in exactly 5 hours and 52 minutes, with everyone surrounding his bed (because he is the only one who doesn’t know we’re going), I will get to say those magic words…

“Hey Gabe…. instead of going to school today…how about we go to…”

I don’t think I’ll get to finish.

He’s heard the stories too many times.

But, just in case he asks to go to Target again, I might have Sam video it.

Because, as you know, I’m all about photographic proof.

Okay, I’m turning in. Four a.m. is fast approaching.

See you in the mornin’.

Wait. What?

Oh right.

His t-shirt…

It’s Mickey Mouse.

In red.

Thanks for readin’.


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p.s., Those colored things? They are called Magic Bands. When I booked our trip, we got to customize them with our names and choose our colors on-line (John’s is red and I have yellow). From what I’m reading, we can use them for everything from getting into our rooms to buying a hot dog at Casey’s. But also, I’m going to assume they are tracking me the whole time, which could make for some great fun. 

Stay tuned though, because I’m bringing the computer and camera… it’ll be my first bloggy travel journal. How exciting is that?! Plus, I know from experience that it isn’t all magic and perfect because there is poop – like in the parades when the horses go by, but it’s really hard to get photos of it because they clean it up so fast.

Challenge accepted.