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Morning Light Through the Last Holdout

There is a tree in my front garden that is always the last to turn.  She hangs on to her green until all the other trees turn, then she begins…


It’s as if she wants to make a point.

She reminds me that it’s okay to do things on my own schedule.

To consider things.

To take my time.

To not go blindly with the crowd. To think twice about going along just to get along.

And oh, when she is done choosing and carefully donning her costume for the late fall season, she is resplendent…


Yesterday’s sunrise

She works with the whistling winds to share her colors all around, and glowing golds, and reds, and oranges ignite the ground and street and fences and pasture for the last time before the winter arrives with its fairy whites and brilliant blues.


This morning’s light snow.

Sometimes she takes so long to turn that I wonder if she ever will. And when she does, it is often so late, that I wonder if she has decided to wear her beautiful costume all winter long.

But every year, she just does her thing.

She doesn’t talk about, Tweet about, comment on, or set up a Facebook status to tell the world who she is or what she is about to do.

She just stays true to herself, and does what she does, in her own time and her own way.

And she rocks it, every time.

Thanks for readin’.


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