… on canceling out a rant

maine fairyHi.


When last we spoke, I was pissy-fied about the whole ‘it’s not spring and it’s supposed to be spring!’ thing.

And I left Maine and it was snowing and, though it was admittedly very pretty, I was not feeling like admiring it and was feeling all grey and not at all sparkly or bright.

Then I stopped at Bob’s Clam Hut in Kittery Maine, thinking maybe fish and chips (okay, haddock and fries but I was trying to be all continental (and even thought of ‘fish and chips’ in a British accent)).

And I am not kidding when I tell you that I ordered and then went into the bathroom (loo) and, as I was washing my hands, my eyes landed on the picture above.

And it totally cancelled out my pissy attitude.

Who knew Maine had its own fairy?

Not me.

But clearly one Miss Courtney Benton knows, and she even knows what the ‘State of Maine Fairy’ looks like because she drew her beautifully.

Thank you Courtney Benton.

You totally rock.

Thanks for readin’.

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