… on finding joy, somehow


Go Juice

The other day, the day after Thanksgiving, instead of getting up super early and pushing the glowing button on the coffee maker, puttering around, plugging in my iPhone and listening to Christmas music wafting through the speakers, joining the reverence of the dayspring before beginning the traditional decking of the halls…

Instead of all that?

I was cold.

In a car.

On the way.

To a soccer game.

And I wasn’t really pissy about it, but I wasn’t thrilled either.

It was early.

And raining, and windy.

And 38 degrees outside.

I didn’t look at my coffee cup when JoHn handed it back to me, and handed Half-Kid Jack his hot chocolate (with a shot of espresso… I didn’t miss that order (brilliant!)).

But when I got out of the car and absent-mindedly placed the cup on the roof of the car, grabbing my camera bag from the back seat, I saw it.

And smiled.




Surrounded by winter-y magic and the colors of the season.

Okay, sure, and being pummeled by freezing rain.

But… ya, baby.

A frigid soccer game in driving wind and water was kicked off by a smile.

And the addition of ‘gr’ in front of my aforementioned ‘attitude’.

Thanks for readin’.


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