… on sweet snow… and snow test

Yesterday morning, JoHn and I woke up and decided to head over to Cafe du Monde.  Our flight didn’t leave until noon, and we sort of suspected it might be delayed due to the rumor of some snow showers happening at home, so we had some time.

Number One Son Sam, fresh from his senior recital (where he had to arrange stuff (which is not about just straightening up and placing things in certain places, but about music (which is good because that is what he has been studying for the last four years (and I could have taught him how to arrange stuff at home (which is a lie, because seriously, 18 years at home with me and that kid’s room was a disaster)))))…


We had said good-bye to Sam the night before, after a post-recital meal, and we didn’t expect to see him until the end of May. But it turned out he had some time too, and uber’d himself down to the French Quarter and we got to have beignets (‘pillows from heaven’) and coffee and hang a bit.

Our order arrived with, easily, and inch of powdered sugar on our ‘pillows’ and Sam was quick to laugh at me, wearing black, and I basically ‘snowed’ all over myself and didn’t even care because – did I mention – beignets!

But later on, mother nature had the last laugh on me.

We dropped Sam off back at Loyola and headed to the airport, and it was sunny with a temperature of about 75 degrees when we took off into the wild blue yonder.

And it got a little grey beneath us as we got closer to Boston (Bawstun).

And then something so strange happened…

We descended into not sunny and 75 degrees.

Like, at all.


Taxi-ing to the gate in Bawstun


But today the sun is out.

And the daffodils along the driveway can see the sky again.

And we’re catching up and swapping stories with Mac and Jack (who were here “Gaby-sitting”) and Granny and the dawgs.  And, of course, already missing Sam.

But this time leaving was easy, because we know we get to head back to the magic of New Orleans in just a few weeks…

To see the kid that docs and surgeons and teachers warned us would not be born alive…

or live very long at all…

or would be severely brain-damaged…

or would never read…

or make it through middle school…

or high school…

We’re going to head down to New Orleans in a few weeks and watch this kid graduate from college.

I know, right?



Bass-ing and Bow-ing ‘Alice in Wonderland’


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