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The Princess

Blaze – looking uncharacteristically disheveled as she blows her coat (big time) – seems to be taking the whole idea of going to hang at a friend’s house, during the wedding, in stride.

I mean, we had a little whining, because she is pretty peeved to be excluded from the wedding simply because Marshal Dillon Dingle might make a scene if he sees a little dog anywhere within a five mile radius of ‘his’ house. Oh, wait. Why is Blaze excluded?

Because Marshal Dillon Dingle really needs a sleepover buddy if he is going to a sleepover, that’s why.

So Blaze has known this for a while (we explained it to her a few months ago) and is accepting it stoically, if not irritatedly (at Marshal, not us) because there will be boys at the wedding, and we all know that Blaze loves boys.

But, uh. We didn’t tell Marshal he was not invited to the wedding.

Like, until today.

So we were having a chat in the kitchen while Marshal was watching the Chipmunk Channel, playing outside the screen porch, from the kitchen floor… which looked like this:

Marshal watching the Chipmunk Channel

And we started talking to him, sort of introducing the topic slowly.

“So… Marshal. You know how you feel about sleeping over other people’s houses?”

Nothing. Just watched chipmunks skiddling all over the garden.

“Hey Marsh, exciting news! You wanna go for a sleepover at …”

Nothing. Not even an ear flick.

“Marsh want a cookie?”




So we decided to just jump in… rip off the bandaid.

“Hey Marsh, you can’t come to the wedding.”

Wait. What?

I know.

We’re working on it.

We may need cheese.

Thanks for readin’.

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