… on small boats in big seas

I love this picture.

A storyteller, an audience.

Chirps and bleeps and ringtones absent.

Distracting screens and crowds replaced by the quizzical faces of seals appearing and disappearing with a quiet ‘bloop’ here, and a little ‘plop’ there.

It reminds me that we’re all fellow passengers on a small boat in a big sea.

Not much room in the boat to divide into camps and tribes and stuff… some ‘Us’…. some ‘Them’.

In a little boat that seems head-shaking ridiculous.

Silly humans.

We sometimes forget that, in the bigger picture, ‘them’ is just a four letter word for ‘us’.

And we truly are all in this together.

Well, except tonight, if you are a Dodgers fan (sorry).

But other than that, we really are.

And I kind of dig it.

Thanks for readin’ (and Go Sox!)

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