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C’mon, admit it. Checking in here is kind of… thrilling.

A peek behind the scenes… a few details of the days in the life of somebody else. And pretty soon you’re hooked.

Next, you’ll head on over to the Just Ponderin’ Facebook page, thinking that’ll be as far as you go. Then maybe a zig or a zag over to Twitter… telling yourself it can’t lead to addiction (I mean, it’s only 140 characters, how addictive could it be?!)

So easy from there to convince yourself that Instagram is just a few pictures and Pinterest a few pins…


The About Me page is pretty much social media stalking ground zero.

It’s a gateway page.

So… buckle up. Here we go:

First, I did the growing up thing.

Then the falling-in-love thing. The add one two three four ten cats thing (not lying… not even a little). Did the marriage to the best friend thing. Sauntered into the mother thing after starting the career thing… then did the juggling thing with all that. First with one kid, then two… Headed over to Australia for a couple of years with Husband and two kids for a job that was very cool and came with the benefit of some lasting, awesome friends. Came back and, wHoops, kid number three. Later added to that for a total of three and a half.  Insert an Old Yankee Man and a pretty special Granny into the house and the mix and I’ve laughed and cried and wondered and sighed through all of life’s happenings… including the ones that form grey hairs on heads and wrinkles on hearts.

Added a dog here. Then there. Then there and there. Painful good-byes as some lives end, joyful welcomes to those who came ‘new to us’. Life with dogs is like that.  Loved and laughed and rolled my eyes through them all.

And today?

Today it’s all still unfolding, this life.

 Two and a half kids are out of college and one just went in. The Nearly Perfect Husband, Granny, two ShepHerds and I just made the move to our beloved, nearly 200 year old home on the coast of Maine (that we spent over a decade renovating… which sounded so romantic. When we bought it).

A creative life has called to me forever, sometimes from far away and sometimes screaming in my ear from way to close. So this is what I do here, through words and photographs. Other hobbies include garden design and gardening (tough with a – and I am not kidding – nearly jet black thumb), along renovating and designing places and spaces (oh my poor husband).

And what’s the blog about? Well… a little bit of philosophy, a little bit of humor, and a little bit of this fellow human’s perspective on this ongoing silly and surprising circus, life.

Thanks for comin’ over.

Oh, and I drew you a picture!

Yes. That’s Zombie Pig. Above a lobster boat.

dingleville sketch






current small (& big) obsessions

  • Day-long simmered pasta sauce
  • Game of Thrones
  • Outdoor firefly lights
  • My next new notebook (I know... ridiculous)
  • Mike Birbiglia
  • Chip and Jo (duh)
  • The sunrise over Townsend Gut
  • Why they call such a beautiful thing a ‘Gut’ in Maine
  • The sunset over Hendricks Head Light
  • Oat cakes (yum!)

blogs (and pages and sites) i’m lovin'

Between other blogs and sites (and books!), I thought I'd include some of the places and pages I'm frequenting now-slash-lately. I'll probably throw some direct links to cool stuff here too (and then change the list (and change it again (and maybe again (just so I can type nested parentheses)))).

So lately...