… on a poem for fall with a little boston and maine tossed in


The trees are sayin’ “Let’s reti-yah”
Their leaves are fallin’ from the sky, yah
I’m lookin’ out the window, a yah
Enjoyin’ my first kitchen fi-yah.

Fred is whinin’, he’s such a li-yah
His hunger situation di-yah
Sans second breakfast, he’ll expi-yah
Just like a hobbit from the shi-yah

Puppies do tend to over ti-yah
And Blaze will not have one to squi-yah
Her sanity she’ll reacqui-yah
In Naples, Prague, and Devonshi-yah

Monty’s big role is the grand si-yah
The Dingle household old man fri-yah
On him we really do admi-yah
Ecclesiastical atti-yah

Marshal Dillon Dingle’s a cri-yah
With Blaze’s trip soon to transpi-yah
He came to ask me, to enqui-yah
Without Blaze, what should he desi-yah?

Come, Marshal love, you young spitfi-yah
Walk beside me and we’ll conspi-yah
My heart you’ve won, in it’s enti-yah
So join me by my first fall fi-yah.


Thanks for readin’

Update: I had a few folks ask me to attach an audio file on this and I figured out how to do it! Here it is. I’m using the accent of my youth. I have found my ‘R’s’ since then…

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