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batkid2Yesterday morning, after having nowhere else to turn as a crime spree threatened to engulf his city, the San Francisco…er….Gotham City police chief sent up the Bat Signal, calling for Batman’s help.

He also, with a wink, suggested Batman bring his crime fighting sidekick with him.


Over the course of the day, and with the help of more than 13,000 volunteers…

Thirteen thousand volunteers.

Batman and Batkid saved a damsel in distress, caught the Riddler red-handed robbing a bank, and engaged in a high-speed chase with the Penguin – who had kidnapped the San Francisco Giant’s mascot – finally apprehending him and bringing peace to Gotham City as the day came to a close.

For his efforts, Batkid received the (chocolate) key to the city.

And Mayor Ed Lee declared the fifteenth of November to forever be ‘Batkid Day’.

I am not kidding about any of that.

The Make a Wish Foundation is pretty dang cool on its own, but when the call went out in San Francisco for volunteers to make one little boy’s wish to be a superhero come true, some magic happened.

Thirteen thousand people responded.

There were so many people who wanted to help, that volunteers had to be turned away.

People lined the streets.

They wore homemade t-shirts, and bought official Batkid t-shirts from policemen for ten bucks (the proceeds going to the Make a Wish Foundation).

#SFBatkid was followed, all over the world, on Twitter.

The San Francisco Chronicle changed its name to the Gotham City Chronicle, and the headline was “Batkid Saved City” (and the stories carried bylines by Lois Lane and Clark Kent)

The president of the United States even tweeted, “Here he comes”.

People cheered, and raised their fists along with the little boy as he solved his crimes.

And at the end of the day, Batkid received the key to the city from the Mayor himself.

 Miles Scott is five years old.

He has been battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia since he was 18 months old.

And yesterday, he saved a city.

How’s that for awesome.

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*The photos in this post were not taken by me (I had no access to the Bat Jet). I pulled them from various news sources (because everyone covered Batkid).