… on tasty words


Sparkles on ocean water, close up. No editing software at all. Cool, right?

Okay, so another cool thing along with the close up of sparkle water above.

Half Kid Jack is taking a beginning drawing class because he is a senior in college and has a few electives that he can take outside of his major (and he is a very good draw-er, and loves it, so he chose drawing).

His professor is David Stenulson, and Professor Stenulson has a very interesting superpower.


He can taste words.

Ya, I know.

A phenomenal phenomenon.

A neurological one at that.

So Jack told me this while we were talking a few days ago – he, a behavioral neuroscience major; me, a complete geek for all things (I was going to just say for science, but full disclosure would command me to leave the boundaries open. My name is Lisa Dingle, and I’m a geek (a general one)).

So anyway, we were both so excited.

I didn’t want to bother Jack (who would in turn have to bother Professor Stenulson) with a lot of words, but my mind was immediately flooded with words that I just had to know the tastes of.

I went to my favorite words to say – ‘Namibia’ and ‘aluminum’ (the Australian pronunciation).


I went to words like ‘lemon’ and ‘orange’ because I wanted to know if the words were directly linked to the actual flavor, or – and how cool would this be – not.


Words like ‘baseball’, ‘wood’, ‘car’, and ‘Marshal Dillon Dingle’ appeared in my mind in rapid fire.

In a minute, I would have to let Half-Kid-Jack off of the phone…

This was critical!

What word, of all words, did I need to know the taste of?

It was an overwhelming choice and responsibility.

I might not ever get this chance again.

And then Half-Kid-Jack was getting ready to say good-bye.

And it hit me.

So I asked Jack if he would ask Professor Stenulson a question for me.

And he said yes.

And an hour ago, I got Jack’s text with my answer.

And it surprised me that it made me so happy.


It tastes like marshmallows.


Thanks for readin’.

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