… on joy angels


Monty, yesterday during one of his favorite pastimes – eating snow.

Joy Angels

I sat still in the waiting room,
my old dog at my feet.
The millionth tear slipped from my eye,
and traveled down my cheek.

I heard a voice, from somewhere close,
then realized that she
was speaking very softly
to my dear dog, and to me.

“Ah, he’s an old man. It’s his time.”
With that much, she had surmised
what we were doing here today.
I looked up, into her eyes.

She smiled, just a little bit,
and asked me if I knew
where he was going after this.
Then my head, and heart, withdrew.

“I don’t believe in bridges,
made of rainbows,” I plainly said,
reaching down to put my hand
atop my best friend’s head.

I heard her rising from her chair.
She knelt beside my boy.
She said she had to tell me
about angels filled with joy.

“Ever since I was a little girl,
I’ve been able to see
and talk to those who’ve gone before,
and they have talked to me.

“When a child leaves this world,
it’s such a special case.
In the next world they become
‘Joy Angels’, filled with grace.”

“Joy Angels have their choice of roles,
and the one that they love best
is as Greeter for the Animals,
all of whom are blessed.

So, each single animal who enters
(whether wild or quite tame)
is loved and welcomed right away,
and it’s always just the same.”

“When an animal is entering,
the bells begin to chime.
And a Joy Angel is right there for them…

I searched her face for some sign
That she did not believe,
that she wasn’t telling me the truth,
or that she was naive.

She looked at me, and at my boy.
“Can I just suggest… ”
Stop thinking, and just feel it.
Let love do the rest.”

Too soon, I was cradling him,
gently in my arms.
I told him not to be afraid,
not to be alarmed.

I loved him so very much.
He was such a good, good boy.
He had someone waiting for him,
An angel, filled with joy.

Later at home, I whispered,
into the quiet, into the still,
“Take care of him”, and I swear I heard
A small voice say, “I will”.

Thanks for readin’

This poem was inspired by a talk with Kate, a very enlightened woman, who generously told me the story of the Joy Angels yesterday. 

Monty is still here. We are challenged to find the right balance of medicine to get him comfortable. There are lots of belly rubs and snuggling happening.

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