… on pope-iality at disney (a.k.a., day six post one :))


Totally Pope-y

Uh. Oh.

Mac found the Frozen section of the gift shop.

So, naturally, we had to stop and take a photo of all the stuff she might buy if she made her own money (but since she only just graduated, she had none).

We totally would have bought all that stuff for Gabe though, if he wanted it, because he is the youngest and that’s the way we roll.

That thing on Mac’s head? A tiara, wrapped around a cardboard thingie with Frozen characters on it. So instead of tiara-y and princess-like, she sort of looks like she is wearing the Pope’s hat.

So I googled ‘what is the pope’s hat called?’ because I wanted you to feel all smaHt when you were done reading this, and you are not going to believe this but…

It’s called a Papal Tiara!

Oh ya.

Tiaras are totally Disney…

The Pope is totally about tiaras…

Therefore the Pope is all about Disney.

And the world just keeps spinnin’ round and round in syllogistic perfection, with all things being as they should be.

Thanks for readin’.


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