… a morning photo shoot with blaze (and…)


7:36 a.m.

Her Royal Highness, the Princess Bunny Blaze (I’m translating): Hey, Lady High Steward*, would you like to take my photograph?

Me: You know you can just call me ‘Lady’ or even ‘Lisa’, right?

Blaze: I’m trying to build my brand and, being a Princess, I’m going for authenticity.

Me: No prob.

Blaze: So?

Me: Sure, pose away.

Blaze: Okay, I think I’ll lie down. Wait. Where’s the kid?

Me: All the way over there. Don’t worry, just hurry up.

Blaze: Ya, I see him. Okay, Let me get ready.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Blaze: Maybe I’ll lie down. But I want my ball in this one. Okay, hang on.

As Blaze gets ready with her ball, this is what I see when I look toward Marshal Dillon Dingle who – until just that moment – was happily playing with Fred about 20 yards away.


Me: Are you ready Blaze? C’mon, we need to get this done.

Blaze: Ya. I just want to get my ball in the right position.

What I see as she ‘gets her ball in the right position’:


He stood so still, that she continued to ready her ball and then laid down to pose.

Blaze: How’s this? Good?

Me: Perfect! Hold still.

Marshal is right behind her still, but I figure I can crop him out of the photo… which, as you can see by his LEGS in the photo below, I was almost successful.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABlaze: Do you need me to move for other views? Do you have my best side? I can work with you.

Me: Um. No. Let me just move a little to the right. Hang on.

Blaze: Okay. Tell  me where you want me to look. Hey! Why are you moving so far over? That’s my bad side. Can you just move back and take another one from the front? I want my ball right in front of me.


Me: Uh. Okay, let me move back…

Blaze: Okay, right.  Snap away!

Me: Okay, um…

Blaze: Why are you hesitating? Just take the picture. Just take the… Wait. Don’t tell me…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABlaze: He’s. Right. There…Isn’t he…

And so our day began. 

Thanks for readin’.

*According to Wikipedia, the Lord High Steward has been a vacant office since 1421, but was a pretty big deal and powerful position. Clearly, since it was 1421 and all, it wasn’t ever held by a female. It is wonderful that she has made me the next most powerful position next to her while she builds her brand. Also, she clearly doesn’t discriminate on the basis of sex when it comes to her royal appointments. And I appreciate that.