… on testing the water first


Marshal on Porch; First-Born-Mac 2014

Totally looks like Marshal Dillon Dingle is ready to head poolside, doesn’t it?


Every day, every single freakin’ time he is let outside, Marshal stands up on the porch and looks over the railing to see where Blaze has gone.

If he cannot see her beneath him, or further away, he won’t go downstairs.


Because she is his big sister.

And she loves to scare him.

So she runs down the stairs super fast, rounds the corner, turns back, and waits.

Then when he comes down the stairs, she jumps out at him and he falls for it every time.

She doesn’t bite him, she wants to freak him out a little.

So he squeals and jumps back, she is satisfied, and they head out into the yard to play.

Every. Single. Time. They. Go. Out.

Sometimes its hard not to anthropomorphize dogs.

Especially this dog.


Marshal has just tossed the towel over his shoulder and seems to be headed down toward the pool.

I guess I was wrong about him scouting for Blaze.

He’s just a dog after all. I don’t know what I was thinking.

Oh, hey, I’ve gotta run.

Blaze just texted that Marshal needs his sunscreen.

Thanks for readin’.


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