… on transitions in dingleville (it’s gonna be an adventure!)


Stan, moving day.


So it’s been a crazy few days leading up to “Mac and Jack Moving Day” (MJMD (why not?!)

And today is the day!

Stan is ready (and now already loaded). If you recall, Stan is a rescue (who knew Home Depot was into pet adoption…), who came home with us when Mac was readying the house for her (and Jack’s) Kentucky Derby-themed graduation party.  The deal was, if he came home, he was moving with her when she got her first apartment.

Mac is dyslexic, and we thought her struggle with deciphering and processing certain alphabetorial combos might have maybe it was eking over into her ability to recognize, well, a horse. So we don’t tell her that we think that Stan is really a zebra with strange chicken pocks… or maybe a donkey.  Also, his ear seems to detach on a regular basis, which Mac believes is a charming personality quirk. Me? I just feel like I should have gotten a discount on Stan’s adoption fee.

So right this very minute, Self-Proclaimed-Perfect-Boy Gabe and Half-Kid Jack are singing the snowman song from Frozen (something about kid’s throwing dandelion fuzz) and loading a U-Haul rental truck, readying for our trip in Connecticut?

Marshal Dillon Dingle?

Pantry Prison.


Sort of like Mac….


Who will soon be leaving this ‘prison’ for her very first apartment in the city of Stamford, Connecticut.


Something tells me there will be great stories with this particular journey.

Stay tuned!

Thanks for readin’.


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