… on a poem for marshal dillon dingle on his birthday

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMarshal Dillon Dingle, darling
Snuggly, sniffle-y, cute and snarling
Was born on an August marning
Two whole years ago.

He popped out with some attitude
Being a German ShepHerd dude
Also we know he was born nude
And his first word was ‘yo’.

As Dingles dallied up in Maine
This puppy surveyed his domain
Keeping his super hyper brain
A secret. Huh. Although….

He failed to keep this secret well
Cuz from his crate, ne prison cell
He was quiet, cute as Hell
But oh his eyes did glow

They glistened, glimmered, winked and flashed
Portended mayhem, houses trashed
And a puppy unabashed
Though maybe he’d outgrow(?)

Whether luck, or fate, or karma
Home he came, without much drarma
Had a certain Dingle charm-ah
Though Blaze might tell you no

Two years later, he’s a keeper
A photo-bombing toy grim reaper
Flippy-floppy loud, light sleeper
Dawg variety show.

Happy Birthday Marshal Dillon Dingle, you fruit loop of a German ShepHerd Dog. 


This is an exchange between First-Born Mac and her father last night.

Her father who has…uh…not a great recollection for dates…


Thanks for readin’.

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