… on just hitting the button


The buttons (The important one is on the lower right).

Yesterday afternoon, the Nearly Perfect Husband was scrambling to leave for a business trip to the west coast. He had to shower and pack and print stuff out in the span of about half an hour, after a morning of calls and work. I had to head out to do some errands, so we said our goodbyes and exchanged ‘stuff that has to be done’ info over the phone from our respective cars.

Last night, I was cleaning up after dinner with Gabe-the-Self-Proclaimed-Perfect-Boy, and went to grab the coffee pot, to clean it out and ready it for the morning.

Wicked important task.

When I grabbed the pot, it was empty.

When I pressed the button that opened the mechanism that holds the filter, it was clean and shiny (okay, not quite shiny, but clean for sure).

And the water was already added.

In the midst of the chaos involved in getting out the door, John had taken the time to ready the coffee pot.

He does this a lot, thinking of making me smile in advance.

All I had to do was hit a button this morning, and a steaming pot of coffee appeared.

And knowing the what and why behind this caffeine-producing magic?

It made my whole day.

Thanks for readin’.

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