… on paying attention


Morning Mist Rising at Bedlam Farm

Today I read a blog post from an emerging writer and it spoke to my heart and my brain and my soul… it spoke to me.

She wrote of ideas familiar. And I found myself revisiting my faith that  life’s challenges, whether early on or ongoing, can leave us bent and broken, but can also leave behind incredible gifts in their aftermaths.

So many of these gifts appear as seemingly insignificant, and later become profound, such as the preschool edict, ‘pay attention’.

Once employed by teachers, to have me sit up straight and at least appear to be raptly listening to the umpteenth reading of Make Way for Ducklings, it is now something say… to me.

It is said quietly and gently. It is a prodding vs. a command. And, when I listen, so many incredible facets of this life come into focus – from leaves turning in the fall, to a baby’s belly laugh, to the struggle lurking behind the difficult or angry facade of a fellow human being. I have found that being aware of such things can make all the difference in a moment, a day, a week, a month…

or a lifetime.

Thanks for readin’

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