… on a poem about a christmas bear


Christmas Bear

Pulled from the boxes down below
To perch among the mistletoe
And window lights, with their soft glow
The season’s gifts, you’ll help bestow.

You spent your year with Christmas best
Angels, snowmen, and all the rest
Gently aroused, at my behest
As home becomes magically dressed.

With reds and greens and golds and light
Twinkling, sparkling, glistening bright
The cold outside, winds, winter’s white
I notice you, this quiet night.

The softness of the candle’s glow
A sunset singing of Van Gogh
I lean in, quietly and slow
And fix your fuzzy arm, just so.

Threadbare places, eyes deeply souled
As Skin Horse years ago foretold
My much loved friend, shabby and old
Has become Real, lo and behold.

Thanks for readin’.

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