… on when they get it right (ish)


Marshal Dillon Dingle. And his snow fort.

This morning when we woke up, there was snow.

Kind of a lot of snow.

We had been hearing that it was coming. And that it would be big.

Potentially huge.

Might be the storm of the century.

Sorry… I mean, Storm Of the Century.

Italics always sounds more ominous.

Especially with capital letters.

So when teeny tiny little flakes started falling last night, I was pretty excited because this girl lived through the Blizzard of ’78.  This girl is battle hardened.

For comparison’s sake, I took this photo from my front door (brace yourselves if you live anywhere outside New England, and I mean it.)

What do you mean why?

Oh, okay. Hang on, let me go get ‘why you need to brace yourself if you are from anywhere outside of New England’.  I will go get my explanation from the Internet (bum, bum, BUM).

Ah. Good. Here you go:


 That is from Harvard.

Sorry, translation: Hah-Vid.

Yes. The University.

And if you notice, exactly six states contain more people who believe Bill Belichick and Tom Brady when they say they do not know what happened to the footballs to make them all deflate-y.

And there are exactly six states in New England.

There was a rumor floating around that Connecticut was going to go blue in this poll, but with enough pressure, the folks there crawled on board.

I can understand that, with their proximity to New York and all.

There’s a lot of pressure.

Giants amount of pressure.

But anyway, you get the picture. So when I show you the view outside my front door yesterday, you will now be braced if you live anywhere outside of New England…


The Calm Before the Storm

This is the Calm Before the Storm, wHich is also a duh-ble an-tan-drah because there was a storm coming to New England… and also maybe New England is about to unleash a storm…. and I will say no more about the latter (because of fear due to recent Hah-vid University studies), as I focus on the former.

So that is the view outside my front door yesterday, with my flag hanging from the roof of the farmer’s porch.

Note that I have a fence.

And bushes and stuff.

Because this:


The Easy Breeziness of a Storm

Note that I have wooden stubs.

And blobby things that stick up out of the white.

And also, this is not super clear but this is what happened when Marshal Dillon Dingle tried to get to the fence this morning:


No, it is not like that old Bigfoot photo!

You can clearly see that could be Marshal Dillon Dingle heading for the fence.

You are very cynical today.


Buck up little beaver.

So this morning was fun and exciting and, as you can see up top, involved snow forts.

Also, it involved a lot of jumping and yipping and yapping, to which Princess Blaze gave her traditional royal response:


Yes. She has, literally, had it up to here (up to her neck, see?) with those other dogs.

Fred, who is now blind, had an interesting view of the snow.

Because he couldn’t see it.

So he spun round and round trying to figure out what direction to go in because every single one was blocked.

So the Nearly Perfect Husband grabbed a shovel and made a Fred Path for him.

And this is the thanks he got:


Which, of course, is thanks enough.

More pics and stories coming I’m sure.

In the mean time, all dogs are taking a breather and more wood is going on the fires.

Thanks for readin’.

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