… on something I saw and something I wished


Getting ready to go home.


Love me enough to button my shirt
When my fingers won’t function
And my hands sometimes hurt


Smile, don’t sneer, when I can’t find a word
Or I use the wrong one
Or a few come out slurred


Repay you with memories, of sixty-odd years
Our laughter, our sorrows
Our joys, and our fears

And I’ll…

Tell you bad jokes, but they’ll all make you smile
And I’ll hold your old hand
You’ll hold mind for a while

And we’ll…

Laugh in the faces of age and of time
Shouting ‘screw you!’ to death
(It’s a victimless crime)


I will go first, or it just might be you
But I’ll never be one soul
I will always be two.

Thanks for readin’.

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