… on espousing his spouse-ing



I met my true love, current spouse,
In Nineteen Eighty-Three
Young and sportin’ Levi-Strauss,
and sitting next to me.

“You, with the blog! You must espouse,”
He demanded, today,
“My merits as the perfect spouse!”
My mind wandered away…

Who knew one day we’d share a house
And have a kid or three
“Three and a half!”, he’ll often grouse
Yet awesome Dad is he.

From silly trips to Mickey Mowze
Bad rapping, worse dance moves
To guidance in life’s why’s and hows
Your family sure approves.


JoHn actually did turn to me this morning to tell me that he was okay if I wanted to take a few minutes out of what he was sure was a plan for total Father’s Day adoration, to write about his incredible attributes as a Dad.  He was fine with it.

What a guy :))

Thanks for readin’.
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