… on the dignity of a princess


Happy Marshal Dillon Dingle

Me: “Hey Marshal Dillon Dingle, can you get up on your ‘place’ and sit with Gabe, because he got to take his fancy soccer trophy home and you can pose with it and him!”

Marshal: “What?  WHAT?! Oh YES! I will, I will!”

Runs around in circles.

Runs around entire downstairs of house.

Leaps up and works hard to settle down beside Gabe, double checking with Gabe’s face (see above) to make sure he is doing the right thing.

Me: “Excellent. Okay.  Wait. Okay, stop checking Gabe’s face. No, Gabe does not need kisses.  Hang on, let me turn off the tv and close the thingie so I can see you guys better.  Marshal… Marshal… MARSHAL DILLON DINGLE! Okay good boy. Okay, now this is a big fat hairy deal because this trophy will only be here overnight. So try your very very hardest and maybe you will get CHEESE. Okay… look at me…. no…. no… okay look at me…. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad yes!”



Me: (Checking screen on camera) “Yes, Marshal, you did GREAT! That’s a good boy. Cheese for you!  Okay stay right there…. Hey, Blaze? C’mere Princess. Good girl. Now I know that taking photos with Marshal in them is beneath you, but maybe you could get in there and at least look like the beautiful and good royal highness that I know you can be?

Blaze: says nothing but eyes me with what I think is contempt.

Me: “Aw, c’mon bunny-girl. Gabe got a shiny trophy and it is only here for tonight so maybe could you skootch in there…. you don’t even need to sit beside Marshal.  Yes! Good girl! Now don’t look at me like that.  This is not beneath you.  It is not.  It is not!  Okay good girl… now maybe you can have some CHEESE if you look perky and raise those ears? Okay… okay… okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay…….”




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