… on a new tradition


Magic: The Next Generation

I have two nieces whom I refer to as my practice kids. And, now that they are all grown up and have responsible jobs and are married and have kids, I now have… practice grandkids.

I know!

Totally awesome. I get to ease into the whole grandparent thing, like, decades (did you hear that Mac and Jack?) before I really need to know how to do it for real.

Also, it is awesome because I got to make all my mistakes on my practice kids (totally messed up for life) and, strangely enough, they have let me close to their own children. It’s like a test kitchen without consequences, I’m telling you!

So, yesterday, First Born Practice Kid Meig came over with her own Nearly Perfect Husband Greg (I know… Meig/Greg, Mac/Jack – what is it with this family?!) and they brought my practice grandkids over too.

Meig, Mac, Granny and I were heading out later in the afternoon to – oh ya – hunt for The Dress, but before we left we got to all hang out together and talk and eat lunch and… create a new tradition.

I am changing the kids’ names here in an abundance of safety and caution (sure, a little to avoid the dangers of social media for little kids, but mostly because they are already inundated by fan mail and paparazzi (that would include me and my camera) and their parents are hoping they stay grounded and humble).


Savory and Crispy (yep, you could just eat them both up (but I’m trying to avoid sugar and carbs so…))

Last year was the first year that Savory was old enough to appreciate the Christmas Village and, on Family Christmas (and dressed as elves), she and Mac looked into all the windows and played with the ice skaters and – and this was the best – Savory learned that, at Auntie Awesome Lisa’s house (Ya. I tried for ‘Awesome Auntie Lisa’ but Savory mangled it a bit and her version stuck (and yes, she uses the entire title every time she talks to me or about me and my ego is now rather humongous)).

Anyway, at Auntie Awesome Lisa’s house you can snow anywhere you want when you visit at Christmas time.

Oh I know.

Also? Butter can be a meal all by itself (don’t ask).

So, as little kids totally do, Savory absolutely remembered the Christmas Village when she arrived yesterday… at Christmastime. And also? She had a new recruit in tow, who is now a walking dynamo – her little brother Crispy.

So we had a plan, Mac and I.

I would set up the entire village but I would not snow on it. We would wait for Savory and Crispy and they would snow on it. Because giving little kids power over the elements seemed, at the time, a good idea to me.

And, initially, this all worked out wonderfully and according to plan.


Savory began her job seriously, requiring very little instruction.

And then…


Mac and Savory carefully snowing on the village. Savory preferring to ‘place’ her snow, Mac trying to explain that you can get a big clump of it and ‘snow’ from higher up.

But then…


Mac thought it would be so fun and magical to snow right on Savory’s head.

And then…


Young Crispy came waddling over, attracted by the silly laughter (much like a Walker is attracted by screaming and gunfire).

So then…


Mac was all, ‘sure you can come right up, little Crispy, and I will show you how we snow on the village and on Savory too!”

But then…


Young Crispy seemed to take a very keen interest in snowing.

And he asked to get down, but grabbed a fist full of snow first…


Which went over… well (also, seriously, I am just a practice grandparent and that is why there is an non-safety-proofed outlet right there next to a one year old). Just Ponderin’ Legal Disclaimer: No children were harmed in the making of this blog post.

So then Mac tried to redirect Crispy to snow just on the village…


This plan initially went well.

But Crispy, self-identifying as a boy, decided snow was fun… and could be weaponized.


Nuclear winter.

So, yes, I have an entire first floor (and some of the second floor due to flake-hitchiking, which I thought was illegal but apparently is not)… of snow.

And it’s kind of awesome.

A new tradition begins.

And a big sister just welcomed her little brother into the fold.

And the magic continues.


Overheard: “You have to be very careful. Only when you are four you can pick up the trees because they are sharp.”

Thanks for readin’.


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