… on the morning after

Scene (also ‘seen’!) from the front door…

Well good mornin’!

I got a few messages last night, letting me know people were with Marshal in his moment of profound disappointment that two feet of snow were not dumped on his domain. I fear I mislead his readers into thinking that the terrifying Stella left us high and dry when it came to her gift of a winter wonderland.

Not so.

She huffed and puffed and blew some trees (and branches, and the odd chickadee) down (or at least toward some form of shelter) and we woke up to blue skies and a Hollywood-ish looking world, as if someone slopped damp soap flakes on trees.

I’m just kidding. They can never get that to look real.

Though the world seems one step better than ‘real’ this morning too…

Almost Seussical.

We were lucky not to lose power last night, as so many did, and are having our coffee (ha! No, Marshal has to make do with water… can you imagine?!), fires are going in the fireplaces, and pulling on warm socks, hats, and boots as the snow-blowing and digging out commence.

I know people leave these parts for warmth climes all the time, especially after the kids ‘leave the nest’, but I would miss this.

Big time.

Thanks for readin’.

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