… on this happening

Was This Real Life?*

Was it really two weeks ago…

That I was fluffing your dress, my beautiful daughter

Daddy’s little girl.

Did it all really happen…

Realizing it was just an hour before you would say “I do” to the man of your dreams

Me tip toeing out the back door to sneak a peek of Dad’s first look, seeing you in your dress for the first time

Feeling his eyes glisten when he saw you, wiping my eyes too.

Was I floating or walking…

When I finally took my seat down front

Passing by all those gathered, those who love you both so much

Waiting for the show.

Is it settling in yet for you…

For him

That you jumped once again


Into a marriage of adventure and beauty

And wonder.

I may need some more time to sit with it…

Let it all sink in

So much love in a single place

At one time.

I could sip and savor it for the rest of my days…

And there would still be enough to spill out onto the world.

Thanks for readin.

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*This photo was taken by the amazing Jennifer Smith of Darling Photography. I cannot say enough about her – fun, funny, in love with love. Just perfect.