A first for me, but not a first.

tree light

The day after Thanksgiving is another national (okay, regional… (okay house-inal)) holiday for the Dingles. Yes indeed-y…

Decorating Day.

This is a big deal, as in, “Wake up really early before you have to because it is time to Christmas up the HOWSE!”

I know. A really really bad attempt to sound really really cool on my part. But go with me here. 

And this is the very first year the The Inn* will be decorated for Christmas, so it’s kind of a big deal.

I even have two elves being flown in (okay, fine. Driven in from Rhode Island) to snow all over my Christmas Village, which – in a beyond exciting turn of events this year – is hosting the killer rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and also Bigfoot.

The Dingle Christmas Village is big on diversity.

I promise to take many photos for you all as this story develops.

But for now, here I sit at my desk with my morning coffee… occasionally gazing out over the water.

There is still one lobster boat gliding in and about the coves every day or so, another few traveling through and by.

We’ve had two small snows, portents of a winter world not too far off.

And I am in a house that has stood since about 1830, placing my own cherished Christmas decorations here and there amongst twinkling lights… not being able to help my brain wandering and wondering about the people who lived here before me, and what their own holiday traditions may have been.

Where did their tree sit… I think mine might be in the same spot, it seems logical.

Did they tell Christmas stories by the fireplace…which stories? 

Were there happy seasons? With excited laughing children? Was there love… and magic?

Oh wait. I know that one. I can feel it. 



And… wait just a sec, let me concentrate really hard… whew.


Thanks for readin’.

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