… on voting here (and hereafter)

Today it is raining – sometimes pouring – onto our little peninsula in Maine.

It is also voting day!

I know, I know… it’s wicked contentious (not with everyone, everywhere)… and the most important election in the history of all mankind (we really need to study more history)… but, once again, I woke up so excited to vote.

I love to vote!

I love the whole thing.

The right to my vote… that it is my vote… the figuring out how I’m going to vote… I get a sticker…

Yep, pretty much the whole dang thing.

And later tonight or tomorrow, my folks – well, the ones I’ve voted for – might be celebrating, or they might not be. And their overall parties might be celebrating, or they might not be.

But, hopefully, some good people will have new jobs, or be reinvigorated in their continued roles.

And I’m going to cross my fingers that more than a few people will wake up and decide that acting like grown ups, and talking and listening to each other… these are good things.

Otherwise, they’ll be consequences.

Which is indeed a threat, even if I make it with a smile on my face.

Because I get to vote again, people.

And again.

And again.

For as long as I’m on this particular spinning orb.

After that?

I’ll have haunting superpowers.

Which, come to think of it…

might be even better!

Thanks for readin’.

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