… on the inspection status

So, I was a little worried because there was wind and snow and freezing rain forecast for today and what if Cockadoodle Drake and ChickHen decided to postpone the inspection?

I know. It bothered me all morning.

But just now, I looked outside and saw those footprints in the snow/sleet/ice/rain glop and guess what??

I went out with a mix of oatmeal and cracked corn in my hand and leaned over the garden gate and there they were!

So I called to them (I called ‘here duck duck duck!’ because I figure I ought to change it to ‘chicken’ slowly. Tomorrow I will call ‘here chuck chuck chuck!’ and then the next day “chick chick chick!” and by the end of the week they will know they are chickens.


They came!

And, for their trouble, they got a nice snack and seemed very happy to be chowing down out of the wind.

So, the good news is that the inspection when fabulously and it appears they will be renting at The Inn for the season.

And that is the good news, which is followed by the news that Marshal Dillon Dingle has never seen such big intruders on his farmers… ‘s… s’ porch. This caused a bit of confusion with C. Drake  (we’re on way more familiar terms now) and ChickHen, who weren’t sure if they were really welcome.

Marshal had to go into Vampire Room Jail with JoHn while the new guests finished their snacks and waddled into the cedar bushes for some much needed shelter.

Now Marshal is grumbling about something to do with psychology and how I’m making him associate the new chickens with jail and that this is unfair because they appear to be delicious.


Because, again, you guys…

Freakin’ chickens!

Thanks for readin’

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