… on grief, the invitation

accidental capture of an angel

I opened the front door slowly
After knockings barely heard
No one stood there on the porch
No one said a word

My gaze fell on an envelope
Tucked between the door and screen
I eased it out, looked around
Sender still unseen.

The invitation was from Death
A co-hosted gig with Grief
Anger rose from deep within
The arrogance, this thief

Who’d taken nearly my whole world
And in some twisted, wicked game
Plucked just one piece from the board
Now nothing was the same

I read no further, walked away
For some weeks and months and more
But then one day, a knock again
And I opened the door

Wonder led me to the drawer,
The invite was stuffed inside,
She knew that I was ready
My heart now fortified

With mem’ries, gratitude, and love
Polished by Space and Time
I unfolded the contents
And then I read each line

When finished, my shoulders softened
And I felt my soul exhale
I looked up toward the heavens
Sensed a lifting of the veil

This is an invitation
Time and date is TBD
A celebration of your life
Not as it was…
As it will be.

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