… on breakfast sounds (poem)

Breakfast Sounds

They are ambient… the people
Chairs pulled out, scooched in
Napkins unfolded onto laps
Babes reaching for everything
Shiny spoons offered
As distractions, drumsticks
Forks and knives and glass
Slid safely away

Smells of bacon, maple syrup, toast
Mix with the conversation
The comfortable hum of voices
Accompanied by tinks and clinks
Of forks and knives and spoons
On plates and in mugs
Soft bells of melody over rhythm
Early morning improvised jazz

It’s the sound of weekends
Meet ups and greet ups
Of the unhurried easing
Into a day

Waitresses, busboys buzzing
As if from flower to flower
“What can I getcha, hon?”
“Everything cooked okay?”
“Here’s your check…take yer time”

Oh, so happily
I do.

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