… on lessons in the sillies

‘our’ cove, early this morning

Light dancing on wind-rippled peaks… we Dingles refer to this as ‘sparkle water’.

There is also ‘sparkle snow’, But this requires snow, and is a few months away (maybe).

Decades ago, the kids small and easily excitable, sparkle water was the impetus for mad dashes to the shore. We’d grab whatever tools we could find – from butterfly nets to handle-less plastic beach pails, and rush in to see if we could catch the sparkles.

“They are so sneaky and fast.” I’d warn. “But,” I’d add, with great hope and encouragement, “you never know…”

I have wondered, through the years, how these games and sillies wove their way into and around and through my children’s selves. How the stories and adventures and happenings not planned to be profoundly affecting, have nonetheless had meaningful effects.

There is value in the loving and funning, just as there are values in the loving and funning.

Have any of my children ever hesitated before embarking on a seemingly impossible challenge – a challenge, perhaps, that has been undertaken by others at great cost and/or ultimate failure – and subsequently, with some level of familiarity, shrugged off that doubt and pushed forward anyway… ‘because you never know’?

I know that the answer to this question is yes.

I have seen this… heard about it… encouraged them as they stepped into uncharted territories.

I have also watched them do it when I, myself, am not so sure they are making the right choice… amazed at their bravery, at the humans they’ve become.

But do they… will they… ever connect the dots backward to that tricky sparkle water… so fast and sneaky… to  brightly colored butterfly nets and pails with broken handles?

I dunno.

But the daydream makes me smile.


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