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Cry A Little

… on the who outside the bathroom door

Late this morning, I was in the bathroom with, I’m ashamed to say, my phone, when I saw the screen light up with a notification. I finished drying my hands and picked up the device, finding that JoHn had sent the photo above and had captioned it, “Done yet, Mom?” I started laughing. Because… well…... Read more...

Think A Little

… on welcoming christmas

  My brain got busy this morning before there was even a hint of light in the still-snoozing sky. Not being able to get back to sleep, Belle and I made our way downstairs and turned on (well, I turned on) only the Christmas lights… Candles… Twinkling strands here and there… The tree. Not wanting to... Read more...

"... who we are is the foundation for all we can offer each other."

- Lisa Dingle

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