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Laugh A Little

… about not washing the dang door

I just want to say… I’m not washing the dang door. The other day, I read an article about making one’s home more welcoming. I am having friends for dinner tonight (Well, I’m having them come to dinner. But if they read this before they come, I want them wondering if they might be the main course)…... Read more...

Laugh A Little

… on dog behavior whac-a-mole

When we first brought Belle… Side note: The hyphen in Belle-ah is very hard to remember to type each time, and is also wasteful. In addition, I have rationalized that, if I just type ‘Belle’, I may avoid an overuse injury called ‘over-extended-hyphenization’. Just to be clear, dashes are not hyphens. Dashes are used to separate parenthetical statements, like if... Read more...

Think A Little

… on my cup and the new year

The other day I shared a meme on my personal Facebook page. Wait. Short diversion here… To be honest, I’m not sure where the definition of ‘meme’ begins and ends. Like, is it just a static image? Do static images of text count? Can a video qualify as a meme? If so, when is a video... Read more...

“For most of us, knowledge of our world comes largely through sight, yet we look about with such unseeing eyes that we are partially blind. One way to open your eyes to unnoticed beauty is to ask yourself, "What if I had never seen this before? What if I knew I would never see it again?""

Rachel Carson, A Sense of Wonder

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