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Think A Little

… on traditions in wood and spirit

The other day was Launch Day for our new old wooden boat. It was amazing… all the excitement and funny and poignant and thoughtful and gratitudinal feels I could have ever hoped for. And some I didn’t expect. The day before the launch, I walked into The Apprenticeshop (the non-profit wooden boatbuilding school responsible for... Read more...

Think A Little

… on an oops, a nope, and a joy

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time in the garden. The combination of preparing and up-keeping and transforming and discovering offers both mental and physical space for processing the heartbreaks and chaoses of the wider world, as well as tough stuff that may never appear in a newspaper or social media site, but is... Read more...

Think A Little

… on april showers’ superpowers

Yesterday morning, I woke up to a world quenched from gentle overnight rains. This was a nice reprieve from the wind-whipped shards of water that have pummeled us several times over the past weeks. Those storms certainly didn’t jibe with the soft imagery that accompanies ‘April showers bring May flowers’, I can tell you. That... Read more...

“If you see me, you can comfortably take the mask off your heart. I will take mine off too."

-on purposeful contagioning (posted Jan 3, 2022)

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