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Think A Little

… on this mother’s day morning

It’s early when I step onto the porch. The air is silent and still, infused with the notion of leftover moonlight. The first bird musters up the courage to fill it. Another joins in. Then another. Once this heart-lifting chorus establishes itself, a lone red squirrel breaks into a spontaneous solo. He seems to have... Read more...

Think A Little

… on breakfast sounds (poem)

Breakfast Sounds They are ambient… the people Chairs pulled out, scooched in Napkins unfolded onto laps Babes reaching for everything Shiny spoons offered As distractions, drumsticks Forks and knives and glass Slid safely away Smells of bacon, maple syrup, toast Mix with the conversation The comfortable hum of voices Accompanied by tinks and clinks Of forks... Read more...

quote scrawled on the chalkboard above my stove...

"there are a few essential elements you find in the spirit of a mainer: a humble appreciation of well-crafted things, wit dry enough you may not know where the joke ends and where it begins, and most importantly a love for the land and the sea."

- anthony bourdain's no reservations

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