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Think A Little

… on hopetimism

I am an optimist. But not just an optimist. I’m an optimist who dances with hope on a regular basis. Smooshing it all together, I’m a hopetimist. The thing is, I’ve always been kind of big on Hope. And not in some sort of Quote-on-a-T-Shirt or quickly-slapped-up-Facebook-status way. My embracing of hope was kind of… bordering... Read more...

Laugh A Little

… on kicking off summ-ah

As you can see, green is happening. Also there is some purply-pink in the form of a certain rhododendron who lives just outside the boundaries of this particular shot. But that is not the photograph I want to feature for today’s Show and Tell. The one I wanted to feature comes with a certain story.... Read more...

"Remember, 'them' is just a four letter word for 'us'."

- Lisa Dingle

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