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… on a delayed gift, acorn to oak

There’s a baby oak tree in the potting room sink. Five years ago, on an August afternoon in North Carolina, I sat with JoHn (and about seven hundred additional humans) in the shade of a dozen or so massive oak trees.  We were gathered to see our kids (in this case, my ‘baby’) welcomed into their... Read more...

Think A Little

… on a party of five at sea

This past Tuesday, five women stepped aboard a boat and headed toward a dream. Okay, that’s too flourish-y, too much. This past Tuesday, five women stepped aboard a boat and I don’t know about the other four, but I got to realize a dream. Sure, a little self-centered but hey, it’s me at the keyboard... Read more...

Think A Little

… on ten core values for people-ing

Last week, I had lunch with a very close and very old – like, not old but long-time – friend. Along the hours (yep!), and on some topic or other (they come fastly and furiously), my friend made a gesture indicating she is sort of back and forth with her thoughts on a certain issue. I... Read more...

quote scrawled on the chalkboard above my stove...

"there are a few essential elements you find in the spirit of a mainer: a humble appreciation of well-crafted things, wit dry enough you may not know where the joke ends and where it begins, and most importantly a love for the land and the sea."

- anthony bourdain's no reservations

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