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Think A Little

… on walking and chewing gum

“… but I can’t complain.” Sure you can. As a matter of fact, go right ahead. I mean, don’t throw a hissy fit or anything, but have at it… I wish I could hug my granddaughter… My kids, stuck at home, are making me crazy… I don’t want to cancel my vacation… I miss March... Read more...

Think A Little

… on kicking ‘but’

I grew up poor. Now. I recognize, very well, that ‘poor’ is relative. I was ‘that kid’ at school, with the dirty/ripped/stained/badly sized clothing and free lunch card. My after school snacks were usually small cans of generic corn (which, by the way, I loved). And our house was always ‘broken’, from ceiling leaks for... Read more...

Think A Little

… on stepping out with care

Today I headed out into the world, carefully and taking full advantage of hand sanitizer. Here is what I needed: Birdseed Tulips I know. It was a really important list, and I’m not kidding. On Saturday, my shyest of bird friends – a beautiful little female Morning Dove – paraded past the office’s french doors... Read more...

"I cannot tell you how much I love that feeling of irritation giving way to self-depreciating laughter. What a gift!"

- Lisa Dingle

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