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Think A Little

… on ten core values for people-ing

Last week, I had lunch with a very close and very old – like, not old but long-time – friend. Along the hours (yep!), and on some topic or other (they come fastly and furiously), my friend made a gesture indicating she is sort of back and forth with her thoughts on a certain issue. I... Read more...

Think A Little

… on blooming and resting (and budding)

Some – not all – just some crabapple trees work so hard blooming up a storm one year, they need a longer-than-twelve-month break before they do it again. Sure, they do actually flower in those ‘off’ years, but it’s just a more ‘here and there’ kind of thing. When we bought The Inn back in... Read more...

Laugh A Little

… on gardening in and out of a pandemic

May in Maine finds the gardens still at their beginnings. The forsythia still have not quite gone from sunny yellows to greens and the lilacs have only just bloomed. Most everything else – from the Siberian Irises, to the old world roses, to lavenders and lupine and viburnum and … and … and – are... Read more...

quote scrawled on the chalkboard above my stove...

"there are a few essential elements you find in the spirit of a mainer: a humble appreciation of well-crafted things, wit dry enough you may not know where the joke ends and where it begins, and most importantly a love for the land and the sea."

- anthony bourdain's no reservations

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