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Think A Little

… on kindnesses with tresses

It all started with a man bun. Well, to be fair, it started pre man bun. Half-Kid Jack¹ had graduated college (yay!), gotten a job (yay!), moved to Seattle with First-Born Mac (yay!), came back to Maine and got married (also with – and to – Mac (whew)). And I remember – rather distinctly (but... Read more...

Think A Little

… on not waiting for the tripod

The other night the snow was still falling and landing softly on all the other flakes that had already bedded down. I’d been looking out different windows, noticing how the light was falling across the snow, and thinking that I should pick up my camera and see what images I could make… see if I... Read more...

quote scrawled on the chalkboard above my stove...

"there are a few essential elements you find in the spirit of a mainer: a humble appreciation of well-crafted things, wit dry enough you may not know where the joke ends and where it begins, and most importantly a love for the land and the sea."

- anthony bourdain's no reservations

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