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Think A Little

… on ‘getting’ a place

As I write this morning, Maine still exists in darkness outside my screen porch. The post lantern is on, as is the one that washes the barn door with a gentle glow. I can see a few lights here and there, dots from across the water. That’s all. Ah, I can hear the warning chimes from... Read more...

Think A Little

… on lessons in the sillies

Light dancing on wind-rippled peaks… we Dingles refer to this as ‘sparkle water’. There is also ‘sparkle snow’, But this requires snow, and is a few months away (maybe). Decades ago, the kids small and easily excitable, sparkle water was the impetus for mad dashes to the shore. We’d grab whatever tools we could find... Read more...

“If you see me, you can comfortably take the mask off your heart. I will take mine off too."

-on purposeful contagioning (posted Jan 3, 2022)

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