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Think A Little

… on glowing gardens and growing kids

Last night, I was so lucky to be a guest at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens Gardens Aglow preview event. I know, that’s a keyboardmouthful! Do you know about it? It’s… incredible. In 2015, The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens announced that they were going to open up during the holiday season, and string the grounds... Read more...

Think A Little

… on a last ride (until the next first)

We’re easing into late fall, light morning frosts hinting at what’s to come. I’m pretty sure this photo was taken during our last ride on June*, as JoHn and I headed toward our friends’ house dock in Linekin Bay.  Unbeknownst to us when we set out, our original plan – a foliage cruise up the... Read more...

Think A Little

… on beauty in dark and light

Yesterday morning, the water beneath and beyond our dock was filled with fog. It cast a veil over the recently risen sun, the effect reaching around and into the old house. I hesitated in reaching for my camera, for all good reasons (according to, well, me)… I’d just woken up, my body and self were... Read more...

“If you see me, you can comfortably take the mask off your heart. I will take mine off too."

-on purposeful contagioning (posted Jan 3, 2022)

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