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… on an eclipse (and more) nearly missed

That’s an eclipse right there. Oh, you can’t really tell – in that the sun is strutting its all powerful self – but the moon is covering about 97% of her star power. I wasn’t even going to head out to see it. Was all… ‘Eh, it isn’t going to be a total eclipse here so…’... Read more...

Think A Little

… on grand(child) chic

Years ago – and I’m talking, like, years ago (perhaps even more than a decade ago now and certainly before 2020) – I was talking to my first born child, who is Mac. There was a lot of chatter on-line about decorating styles and things seemed to have gone off the rails. What was once limited... Read more...

“If you see me, you can comfortably take the mask off your heart. I will take mine off too."

-on purposeful contagioning (posted Jan 3, 2022)

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