… on a sunrise in southport


Good mornin’. I thought you might get a charge out of the sunrise here on the coast of Maine. All I could think of as I was creating this gallery was that old song from the play, Hair. You know the one?

The Good Morning Starshine one?

Well, I looked it up and oh my Gawd.

I never looked at the words for the ‘early morning singing song’ that they talk about within the song.

But now I do.

And you are going to in a second too…

Cuz here you go (I’ll start with the beginning…)

Good morning starshine
You lead us along
My love and me as we sing
Our early morning singing song

Gliddy gloop gloopy
Nibby nobby nooby
La la la lo lo
Sabba sibby sabba
Nooby abba dabba
Le le lo lo
dooby ooby walla
dooby abba dabba
Early morning singing song

So there you go people.

Have a great day.

Gliddy gloop gloopy.

Thanks for readin’.

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