… on an orb, a decision, and a response

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADid you drink your coffee yet this morning?

Well, you may want something stronger.

Maybe in Irish coffee?

Well you are in the right place. With a last name like Dingle, we are required to know our Irish stuff.


Okay, so the other night I was looking through old renovation photos of The Inn because I am thinking of doing a series of posts on … uh… the renovation of The Inn (duh). So I was looking at this one photo and was like, ‘hey, why is that reflection over there if the windows are over….wait….OH MY GAWD THAT IS AN ORB!’

And so I immediately messaged my friend Leigh, who is, like, an orb specialist. And I attached the photo and she said let her take a look and then she wrote back and said that it is ABSOLUTELY AN ORB and not only that but there is another little one and that often the larger one is an older spirit while smaller ones around it are younger ones.

Holy smackanoli!



If this was a hoity toity magazine, here it would say that this is an unretouched photograph. But this isn’t a hoity toity magazine so I will just tell you that there was no translucent floating white circle posing for me while I took this picture. Oh. Also, I did not paint it in there afterwards to fakely impress you with my orb photography skills.Also, fakely is a word no matter what spellcheck says.

So I’m all excited and I thank Leigh and we cyber hug and say goodnight and I think, ‘Wow! I so have to text the Nearly Perfect Husband and the kids to tell them about this because it’s amazing!’

So I do.

And this is what it was like (my words are in blue bubbles).

First, disbelief:


Then, the Nearly Perfect Husband jumps to naming the orbs as a defense mechanism because he is (and, yes, I totally know this) completely unnerved about the orbs.  And yet, clearly his paternal instincts were in tact because, not wanting to alarm the children, he e-mailed me his naming ideas separately (but then needed to ask if I got the e-mail via a text). There is no explaining the logic to communications channel usage in the Dingle household).


I had to stop him there, as he was about to get out of hand.

Which it did, just after this text.

When he suggested ‘Laurel and Hardy’ as possible names, and then the Looney Tunes dogs, Spike and Chester (you know, the big bulldog and the little yellow dog that is always jumping around him and sucking up to him?).

I told him that, if he didn’t knock it off, that stopped clocks at The Inn would be the least of our problems.

It’s a good thing the kids are growing up and shuffling off to their lives.

Managing this man (and avoiding an Amityville Horroresque debacle) may prove to be a full time job.

Thanks for readin’.

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