… on a good luck charm needed elsewhere


I made it to Kentucky! Important point: The reason for the lack of clarity here is not my lack of photographic talent. It’s due to bug guts. Sad. And, also, true.

This week has been a bit busy as we’ve been prepping for our trip down to Kentucky to hang with Mac and Half-Kid Jack as they graduate college.

The plan? Well, it’s a bit like a math word problem, so I’m sort of avoiding it but I’ll describe it as best I can:

If Sam leaves New Orleans on a plane traveling at approximately 500 miles per hour at 6:00 p.m., and John and Gabe leave Manchester, New Hampshire at 5:15 p.m., at what time should they choose to meet at the Fudruckers in Detroit airport before jointly boarding a plane to Lexington, Kentucky with an estimated 10:50 p.m. arrival.

Be sure to account for time zone impacts.


The whole concept hurt my brain enough that you don’t see my name anywhere in there.

It’s true.

I have such an aversion to word problems that I took myself right out of that equation.

I drove.

So I left chic and trendy Dunstable at about 5:45 this morning and just arrived in Lexington, Kentucky at about 10:00 p.m..

I forgot it was Memorial Day Weekend and there might be other people wanting to go somewhere other than, you know, their homes.

To prepare for this journey, which has been a twice a year thing (fall and spring) for the past four years, I make sure my car is totally and sparkly clean before I leave. It’s kind of a thing.

So on Wednesday, I was at the carwash place vacuuming and guess what happened?

I sucked up Glass Pig.

You remember Glass Pig? He lives in my coin tray.

Lived in my coin tray.


Godspeed Glass Pig. You served me well.

And you should have seen my face when I sucked him up with the vacuum hose and heard him ping all the way up the dang tube-y thing.

I just stood there.

All catatonic.

And my first thought was, “Oh my Gawd, we have to take apart the entire vacuum thingie because I canNOT travel all the way to Kentucky without Glass Pig because all my good luck and muse-ability will be totally non existent!”

And then I took a breath and smiled, because my second thought was that someone empties these things all the time and they probably find lots of coins and stuff but the person that empties THAT vacuum canister is going to find Glass Pig!

How lucky is that person?

So I have chosen to believe that someone else needed Glass Pig more than I did, and the universe (coupled with my rather irresponsible vacuuming ability) saw fit to deliver him to that someone.


I could not go all the way to Kentucky flying-pigless! So I went to Pier One, the store where I got Glass Pig in the first place. No problem.


The Pier One near my house was completely empty!

It had closed when I wasn’t looking!

Now I had an emergency.

And this morning, when I got into my car, I realized I had not had time to check the “get a new Glass Pig for the car” item off of my “Going to Kentucky for Mac’s and Half-Kid Jack’s graduation” checklist.

So, at 5:45 this morning, I put the car back into ‘park’ and ran inside the house to ask for volunteers.


Little Pig readies himself for his first big road trip. Lookin’ good, Little Pig. Lookin’ good.

Little Pig (as opposed to the two Big Pigs that he hangs out with on the hall shelf) stepped up to the plate.*

And thank goodness he did.

Because I got to Kentucky safe and sound in just under 16 hours. And John, Sam, and Gabe met me at the hotel and now we are all getting ready to turn in for our adventure-filled graduation weekend.

Stay tuned!

Thanks for readin’.

*For those wondering why I didn’t just grab Zombie Pig for the road trip, it’s because he has a slight case of agoraphobia in that, when he leaves the house, stuff starts falling off of him in a more accelerated manner than normal. It’s not pretty.


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