… on magic and mayhem: dingles take disney day one


Yes. There be dragons…



Eight point four.


Yesterday, we walked eight point four miles at Disney World.

And I know this because Half-Kid Jack (who we are considering promoting to 51-Percent Jack so that he is mostly Dingle)…anyway Half-Kid Jack has one of those Fit Bands which measures everything from how many calories he eats and burns, to how long he sleeps, to how well he sleeps, and also local seismic activity.

So the Fit Band says we walked a total of eight point four miles at Disney yesterday.





Oh, sure, my feet didn’t tell me that at the end of the day, but who listens to feet?

Not me at Disney World, that is totally not who!

So here is the skinny on yesterday.

Self-Proclaimed-Perfect-Boy Gabe is awoken by the rest of the fam. He is tired, but realizes that he should probably come with us (and, no, did not ask to go to Target’s toy department instead (this time)).


Gabe opens his eyes, and is surrounded by four and a half Dingles giving him the option of school or Disney World (as well as a Mickey Mouse t-shirt). He chooses wisely.

Then we all have twenty minutes to get ready and get into the LIMO, which is arriving at 4:45 a.m. (and no I am not kidding because the limo is a big and huge surprise (and I have to say that I felt a little like a Real Housewife of Somewhere-I-Don’t-Live when I got into a limo at 4:45 a.m.)).

So we get to the airport, where a number of shenanigans happened (mainly because we knew that there was coffee there somewhere).


Mac on the curb at Logan Airport in Boston, with Tig. Yes, my nearly 22 year-old daughter travels with a Tigger pillow pet. Who doesn’t?!

We are staying at our favorite Disney Hotel, which is the Wilderness Lodge. The theme is wilderness-y.

And lodge-y.

And there is a very cool pool with a water slide and a geyser that erupts every hour on the hour (as most good geysers do, because geysers are nature’s time keepers).

But that doesn’t really matter.

What really matters it that you walk down to a dock and a boat comes and takes you to the Magic Kingdom!



 If you look up, just as you are passing through the arches into the Magic Kingdom, that seal above is what you see.

Butterflies in my belly every time!

Because it’s so true, that’s why.

Oh stop being a fuddy-duddy.

It is too true!

Don’t believe me?

Then how does this happen to practically grown-ups when they get inside?


Castle selfie, June 4, 2014.

or this?


Mac at a late afternoon parade.

That one above deserves a little explanation. Mac cannot just take a photo of a parade or a character. If a character is waving, as Chip is above, she not only waves back, she gets wicked excited about it, especially if he “looks at her” (then there is usually excited screaming and checking with me to make sure I ‘saw that!’.

Makes her day, every time.

So, day one recap:

One surprised Nearly-Perfect-Boy.

No trips to Target.

Five and a half Dingles in Disney World.

Rides ridden (Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Teacups (by Sam, Gabe, and Jack… I might be able to get a hilarious video up later on that).

Parades seen: Two.

Dragons seen: One.

Miles covered: Eight point four.

“Holy-crap-we-are-in-Disney-World” moments: innumerable.

Stay tuned and…

Thanks for readin’.


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