… on whether my potential dog matches my curtains


Lord Valor in Black and White

Yes he is in black and white!


Because! That’s why!

I just found out that people have, actually have… you’re not going to believe this.

People have given up or returned their dogs…

Because the dog hasn’t matched their decor.

I know!

I had no idea this was a thing!

A member of the creative group I belong to just told me… and thank you Andrea!

Because I could have made a terrible mistake.

I could have actually chosen to keep this puppy without checking whether he matched the curtains!

Oh, the horror.

That’s why I changed the photo at the top to black and white.

I mean, how embarrassing would it be if he is the wrong shade of black… or his taupe isn’t a true taupe (like, what if it has too much pink in it? Or not enough? One could go mad!)

Okay, I have to go. I need to head out to the hardware store for paint chips – or maybe I should invest in the entire Benjamin Moore paint color fan!

Also, I probably need better lighting and stuff.

Actually, if the Lord Valor isn’t the exact right shade of black and red (he is technically ‘black and red’… though now who knows)… anyway, if he isn’t technically the right shade of either, I could probably just paint him.


I mean, the ‘do it yourself’ shows always say that painting is cheap and easy.

Don’t like the color? No problem! Just repaint!

But I’ll probably need to paint little samples on him and make him walk around all day so I can see him in lots of different lighting situations. Because, just like a whole room, he could look totally different in the evening than he does in the morning.

Like this morning he looked like a German Shepherd…

But in certain light, once I paint him, he could look like a Great Dane.

Or a Teacup Pig.

I dunno.

You know what? There is bound to be an expert at the hardware store. It’s locally owned and operated and totally stocked with super help.

I’ll let you know what I find.


Do you think I need to call a decorator?

Thanks for readin’.


Do you think his pattern clashes with the stripe on the chair? I know, right. I’ll bring this photo with me to the store…

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