… on test driving a tri-paw’d puppy

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen test driving a tri-paw’d puppy, it is important to note that… while you might be concerned that he is only 3/4 as equipped to take on the world as a 4/4 puppy… he may not feel this way.

However, this does not mean that the tri-paw’d puppy will not take complete advantage of the fact that you feel he is handicapped.

Which means that… in only the time it takes to go get his little chewy (which is a mere two steps away), cuz he looked ‘bored’ and clearly doesn’t feel like hopping all the way over to it…

Ya. In that amount of time?

He can go from this:


Look at me, I am a little tri-paw’d puppy who cannot do anything on my own. Help me, I am so very handicapped…

To this:


Oh. Hi.

What the fuh…


Yeah, I could get up on the chair the whole time. But it was just so dang cute when you lifted me up. I didn’t want to hurt your feelings…


But at least he uses the word ‘dang’.

Thanks for readin’.

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