… on a good old boy’s spot


HRH The Princess Bunny-Blaze

I have noticed that Blaze has begun to retreat to Monty’s Spot in the late afternoon.

When Monty was alive (he’s been gone for almost six months now), no one else ventured over to that particular area, lest he or she be snarled at and wHalloped with a big, giant snow-white paw.

Sorry, I meant ‘wHite’.

Anyway, after he died, I would occasionally find the corner of the carpet folded over in Sam’s good boy’s spot, though I never saw the other dogs even walk over to that area. I started to say, “Hey, Monty…” when I saw it overturned. Sure, it was goofy and a bit ‘woo woo’, but it made me smile to see the underside of the carpet… the one he would mouth and chew and suck on with teeth long ground down by use and old age (and rocks… he carried many a rock in his day).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd now Her Royal Highness the Princess Bunny Blaze seems to have gotten comfortable in Monty’s old spot.

And The Princess, who loves to snuggle on anything soft and smooshy, and has never seen a rug that makes her hot or uncomfortable, seems to be pushing the rug out of her way when she goes there.


See the rug? She’s moved it out of her space, and is lying on the floor.

In homage to Monty?

I dunno.

But it seems that the Princess has allowed a respectful period of time to pass.

And, thus, has ascended to the throne.

Thanks for readin’.

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