… on zooming out (on dogs)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYesterday I was talking with a friend, who also happens to be a photographer.

I am not saying that he is as professional as me (because I do not know if he often goes ‘on assignment’ like I do), but he has had his photographs in shows, and has stuff going on like gallery representation and people actually purchasing his work, which I suppose is evidence that he might know a thing or two and maybe I should listen to what he has to say.

So he told me that I ‘might want to’ (he knows me very well, and I think he was very careful not to say ‘should’ due to my aforementioned oppositional reflex problem when it comes to that word)… anyway, he was very complimentary of my photos of the dogs, but said he doesn’t really know who is who with the ShepHerds because I tend to get in really close, and suggested that I take some wider angle shots sometimes.


That is a good idea.

Now… why didn’t I think of that?

I mean, I do take photos outside all the time, and some of them are from far away. And then I sometimes ‘crop’ the photos…

‘Crop’ means that I use super high-tech computer software to cut out the parts of the photo that I don’t want you to see. I do this because I am crap with scissors (always have been… just look at my gift wrapping capabilities).

But I’m thinking that, if I don’t crop (or if I don’t get all zoom-y (also a professional photography term)), then I might give you a much better idea of who is who in my dog photos.

So, without further a do (as opposed to ‘adieu’, which means ‘see ya later’ (and, yes, once I confused to two in a corporate memo. Very funny (now))… anyway, without further a DO, here are my zoomed out shots of the dogs.

I am hoping this will help you determine which ShepHerd is which.

Also, Fred is pooping in the background.


Three Distinctly Different Dogs

Now, I do not think that the photo above does a very good job at capturing the distinct differences between the ShepHerds themselves.

I mean, you are definitely getting the rather…er…. enthusiastic personality that is Marshal Dillon Dingle (who is on the left there), as opposed to the more conservative and royal disposition of HRH The Princess Bunny-Blaze (a.k.a., Blaze)… but I think that I would like to focus on something much more official to help you distinguish between them in the future.

Let’s focus on the markings… you know… like judges do in the show ring.

When they are all judge-y.

Which is another word for ‘should-y’.

So I don’t like the idea of doing something judge-y, but I think we should focus on markings because I want you all to be absolutely sure of who you are looking at in my future photos.

Judge-y Photo Number On; You will notice that the lighter hairs between Blaze’s shoulder blades begin about a quarter-inch further back than Marshal Dillon Dingle’s:


Okay, that’s a pretty specific differentiation in their coats… let’s try another one.

Judge-y Photo Number Two; You will notice that Marshal’s lips are a little darker than Blaze’s:



I know. Totally helps you figure out who is who in that pic.


Judge-y Photo Number Three; Marshal’s tail, closer to his body, is a little lighter than Blaze’s:


Totally clear.

I think you are ready to go out on your own.


A test.

In the following photos, please identify which ShepHerd is Blaze, and which is Marshal Dillon Dingle.

Remember, focus on their backs, lips, and tails.

Take your time.

Use a Number 2 pencil.

You know… now that I look at their photos, I’m thinking that Blaze’s marking might be a little more crisp… sort of sharper than Marshal’s.


I think it’s just the morning light.

Thanks for readin’.

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