… on a poem for the ages, er…. age-ed


Scary Beautiful


I’m hot then not and then I’m freezing
I sense my moods might not be pleasing
I threaten lives, limbs; mind a’ seizing
And in the next sentence I’m appeasing.

I’m hinky, funky, often cranky
Sometimes I’m worse than one Old Yankee
“Why am I mad?” (I draw a blank-y)
Then tears come and I need hanky.

My brain, once mine, without permission
Totally of its own volition
Went ahead, committed sedition
Requiring an admonition

“Shun all these feelings, just turn away
From this freaky hormone-filled buffet!”
(But just in case defenses give way,
I’ve got chocolate, tea, and Cabernet.)

Thanks for readin’.

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