… on a starry starry morn


Sunrise. Southport Island, Maine.

I’ve always been a sunrise gal.

Don’t get me wrong, sunsets are beautiful.

But that soft pink glow, piercing my bedroom window before the break of day, can at once arouse my body and enkindle my soul.

Sure, I tend to grab my camera just before pulling on a heavy coat on a frigid Maine morning… maybe to take a walk, maybe to ask a cold and annoyed station wagon to start up on the first try, and take me out to see what we can see.

But it isn’t about the pictures.


Hendrix Head Light House at Dawn, Southport Island, Maine.


Morning Has Broken. Southport Island, Maine.

On these mornings, I am quietly sneaking out in the pre-dawn hours to have an affair…

with wonder.

We embrace and dance in the midst of a new day, with no one else around to see.

And I think, in this respect…

Thank Gawd I have an open marriage.

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