… on photographing an essence


HRH The Princess Bunny Blaze

I was playing with some pics of the dogs this morning, and brought this one of Blaze down to the basic of basics.

Cropped it to just her face…

Took away the color…

Then many of the shadows…

And then even the shades of grey (like, forty-eight or forty-nine of fifty).

And I kind of liked what happened.

It made me wonder if we can ever really capture the essence of another being with a camera.  I mean, I’ve read that the Masai believe you are stealing their soul if you photograph them (at least without permission)… though I suppose their souls don’t show up in the photograph that you take home with you (but maybe they do, because what do I know about the ability of a soul to glom onto an SD card? Not much and a quick google of ‘can a soul paste itself onto an SD card?’ just gives me garbly-gook on transferring data from one place to another so I’m going to assume the research on this subject matter is still in its infancy).

But still…

I looked and looked at this image of Blaze and it seemed like it could be close to capturing her essence.. but something was missing…


So I tossed the image back into my photo editing tool and, with a click here and a layer there, the truth of her essence began to emerge.

And then it became clear.

A photograph can capture the essence of a being…


Which means I am now a leading subject matter expert in this area.  Should be Google-able any day now.

Thanks for readin’.

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