… on a choice


The Rose

‘What’s happening with the world, my dear’
The Rose asked as she shed a tear
And wavered in the sea’s soft breeze
Awaiting my attempt to please

By combing through my hazy mind
For answers that I hoped to find
My shoulders shrugged before too long
My heart beat to a forlorn song

They say that its become the norm
This clouding up, this endless storm
Of violence, hate, intolerance
Closing of mind, hardening of stance

The Rose stilled herself, then seemed to rise
Much taller now, to my surprise
A timeless air she did assume
‘What’s this, this prophesy of doom?’

On she continued, through history
Through tragedy and mystery
Of humankind, some now some then
Trying the souls and hearts of men

‘And yet you stand here still, this day
Sharing that others do portray
The human race has run aground
And waves are crashing all around

So, hunker down and brace for more
Or… fight to reach another shore?
It’s been your choice through all of time
To give in, quit, or rise and shine

Dark days come, and dark days go
Some humans hearts are dark, I know
But this vast, expansive universe
Holds darkness weak to its obverse

Light can be shaded, shadowed some
But will eventually overcome
So don’t despair, don’t run, don’t hide
Light or darkness…
Choose a side.’


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