… on a visitor’s return home


Oh hi!


He’s all adult-y!

I knew he’d be back.

Last year we had some rather interesting initial indications of his presence (made known in particularly impactful style to one Marshal Dillon Dingle). And then, early one morning he made his little, juvenile self known.  He posed for a few pics to boot and even ended up on the front page of the Boothbay Register (Regi-stah).

I was a bit worried that the celebrity went to his head, to be honest.

Since the late spring, I’ve been looking for the little bugger.

Checking Marshal’s nose every time he comes in at night, hoping for Spike’s telltale calling cards.

But nope.

No sign of him.

But then, this morning JoHn came in all excited and I grabbed my camera and we headed out to Spike’s favorite tree.

I projected all sorts of things onto him as he watched me, in his sloth-y slow motion way, click and coo at him from the ground below.

He totally missed us.

Look at him in all his cuteness.

He is a ham.

He loves posing for these pics.

He probably missed torturing Marshal too.

It must be a Roadrunner/Wyle E. Coyote thing.

I could blog about that.

He probably sensed I wanted to see him and, being the young gentleman that he is, he came back.

Most likely he will never leave again.

He will want to hang out with me regularly.

He will become a YouTube sensation just like Teddy Bear and I will love him and snuggle him (carefully) and feed him corn on Christmas morning.

He likes me, he really likes me!




Maybe it’s not a coincidence that his favorite treat – itty bitty apples – are now on his tree.

Thanks for readin’.


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