… on frozen christmas magic


Totally know her.

I don’t wanna brag but…

I totally know Anna from Frozen.

I mean, we’ve been kind of tight for a while now and, having known a few celebrities in my time, I can tell you that she is by far the least affected by her fame.

Sven the reindeer? Not so much. Has his people call the paparazzi to alert them of his every move. Total publicity whore.

But Anna?

Heart o’ gold.

I don’t like to take advantage of the friendship, but I have this kid I kind of like… and she’s a Frozen fan and, in particular, a massive Anna fan.

So I made a call.

And yesterday was Family Christmas.

Oh. I know.

So when this little girl arrived at the house, heading straight for the Christmas village that she snowed on just a couple of weeks ago, Mac and I squatted down beside her and told her that we had a surprise.

Did she know that all the characters from her favorite movie live in Disney World?


Well, we know someone, who came all the way from Disney World to meet her. Did she know, maybe, who this person might be… did she think maybe it could be Anna?

Breathlessly, “Anna?”


Wide eyes.

Did she… maybe… want to meet Anna?

Speechless… just a nodding of her little head.

I promised I’d take some pictures, for her memories.

And then, we called upstairs and…

“Well, hello!”


Anna: “Would you like to take a picture?”

“Yes, please.”


Anna: “Mac, do you have an OLAF costume?”

Mac: “Why yes I do!”

Anna: “Would you like to be in a picture with us?”

Mac: “Why yes I would!”


And then they watched a bit of Frozen, and saw Anna’s sister Elsa sing the famous Let it Go song.

After that, Sam came in and let us know that Kristoff was coming with Sven and the sleigh and Anna had to go outside to wait for them. She explained that Sven is really shy, so that’s why she would go out by herself (I thought, ‘Oh sure, Mister-make-sure-the-cameras-are-everywhere-I-am is shy‘, but I didn’t say it out loud).

And then Anna spread her arms super wide and offered a big hug before she went out into the snowstorm (which she was totally used to because she lived in Arendelle during the great frozen winter caused by her sister’s little emotional blip).

So… the big hug happened…


As did a little magic.

And a little memory.


Thanks for readin’.

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