… on an official portrait and royal merchandising


Official Portrait. Her Royal Highness the Princess Bunny-Blaze.

She is one. strange. dog.

But royal.

And, apparently, genetically predisposed toward regal poses on floral backgrounds.

I wonder if anyone will ever make a plate featuring her likeness. You know, like they do all the time in Britain. Some of those plates are amazing.

So I sent some photos of her over to the Royal Worcestershire company to … I’m just kidding. It’s Royal Worcester. I was just doing dry British humor… which usually has Americans being stupid, and also irreverent. 

Hey, speaking of irreverent, this is what the company sent me back as a prototype. Clearly they could not just make one up from scratch for no money, so they used a plate they had and just did some editing.

This would be Blaze’s wedding plate:


Oh, I know! The sapphires along the rims are amazing.

Bummer that the plate stand is not included though.

But the plate wasn’t really doing it for me. I’m not a big souvenir plate collector and wasn’t sure what the market would be for her plate, which of course would be high end and have real sapphires – rare ones – most likely bringing the cost to seven figures. Totally appropriate for royalty, but not really accessible to the plebs. And Blaze is, after all, The Plebs’ Princess.

So I looked and looked.

I looked at coins.

I looked at mugs.

I even looked at a toilets seat.

No… seriously:


I know. Will should have smiled better for that one.

So I was getting really tired, and nothing seemed to strike the right balance between affordability and reverence, until…

Until I found the best, the best, souvenir tribute to Blaze.


It’s terrific… it’s affordable… it’s totally portable in case you want to bring it with you when you travel, displaying it on your night stand in both reverence and in hopes it will bring you good luck as your princess watches over you…


So I got in touch with the Royal Upscale and Fabulous Figurine company (RUFF… how appropriate) and they sent me back the most beautiful model of what they could do. They wanted me to be forward-looking, toward the excitement of a someday royal family.

Again, they utilized a form they had, and asked me to imagine…


I know.

Kate Middleton has nothing on Blaze.

And ya, that’s Marshal demanding all of Blaze’s attention, and stuck – as usual –  in the swaddling. 


Thanks for readin’.

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